‘Wentworth’ Season 9, Episode 2 ‘Requiem’ Review

A murder rocks the prison as Lou (Kate Box) sets out on the warpath, preparing to ignite chaos and destruction in a bid to claim top dog. Marie (Susie Porter) reconsiders where her loyalties lie and Vera (Kate Atkinson) continues to scrutinise Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) every move.

Wentworth is renowned for its remarkable acting performances but no one steals tonight’s show quite like Kate Box. Lou has been merciless from her introduction. She has nothing to lose and that has made her one of the show’s deadliest villains. Box is exceptional to watch, tapping into a dark vulnerability of Lou that leaves viewers empathetic and terrified of what it is to come. The wrath of Lou Kelly has been unleashed and no one will be spared.

Another standout star in this episode is Susie Porter. There is a rare quality to Porter in the sense that no matter how wicked the character, you are completely enchanted by her soft tone and the warmth she emanates. Her portrayal of Marie is nothing short of convincing. The former antagonist faces a turbulent struggle, aware that she is partially responsible for the reign of terror set occur. Will Marie take a stand or will she let the world burn around her?

There isn’t a lack of tender moments. Tears are shed on more than one account. Leah Purcell and Rarriwuy Hick share a beautiful scene together, thanks to some highly effective editing. The authenticity is complete by the use of diegetic sound which reiterates the emotion felt by the pair. It’s short but it’s enough to create a lump in your throat.

Not much can be said on Ferguson right now. Obviously, there is more to her apparent scheming than what she is currently letting on – whether her intentions towards Vera are genuine remains up for debate. Nonetheless, our guard should be on high alert because we know Ferguson well enough to believe that she always strikes when it’s least expected. Although, the staff don’t seem to have learned their lesson – how many protocols will they break before they’re fired? Looking at you, Dr. Miller (David de Lautour)…

Judy (Vivienne Awosoga) deals with the repercussions of her attack on Allie (Kate Jenkinson), provoking the latter into taking action against the prison for negligence. Seeing Allie grapple with her new reality is sad, we deserved more than a season with her as top dog; whenever she and Judy are together, anger and exasperation takes over as you’re yelling; “she did this to you!” Hopefully it won’t be long until all is revealed and Judy has her comeuppance.

Requiem’ retains the abrupt, edgy tone of the show. Once again proving that we never know what to expect. Characters are dropping like flies this season but isn’t what we adored about the good old days of Wentworth? The thrilling risks of the writers? Well, they’re certainly paying off and it’s looking to be an exhilarating journey.

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