‘Turner & Hooch, Season 1, Episode 4 ‘In the Line of Fur’

For once, Turner is not immediately thrown off the case and we get to see him in action as he’s assigned to protect a highly strung judge. Meanwhile, Laura sets out on a solo mission to uncover the truth about her father’s case.

There is a welcome change of pace this week and we start to get to know the characters surrounding the lead – most notably Erica and Laura. The two are comedy gold on-screen, easily stealing the show and carrying the lighthearted tone. The majority of laughable moments come from them, making the possibility for a future partnership between the pair far too appealing. This dynamic is absolutely something that I’d love to see explored because it would be iconic.

On another note, we don’t actually learn anything else about the Turner Sr case so it’s sort of a one step forward, three steps back ordeal because we’re still in the dark. Instead, Laura’s side-arc pays more attention to her relationship with her son and ex-husband with her looking to be less of the ‘bad guy parent’. By the time we reach the conclusion, she obtains files on her father, making the whole subplot we saw somewhat irrelevant.

It is a breath of fresh air, however, to see that Scott isn’t substituting Hooch as the source of his problems for the first time since the pilot. The canine solves the case immediately unbeknownst to his owner, who is growing more and more furious with the judge and after boldly calling the latter out, Scott is removed from protection duty. Seeing him take a stand is exactly what we needed as he’s been rather unlikeable and pitiful to himself up until now.

The best part of the episode came in form of Erica literally diving head first onto the field to clue Scott in to Hooch’s suspicions. It was hilariously chaotic. Having Erica potentially tag along on future cases would be a fantastic addition to the series. Plus, she and Scott make a great team together and the K9 trainer is clearly the one that is helping to establish an understanding between Turner and Hooch.

Nothing much of significance took place during the episode aside from Turner and Hooch actually getting along for once and a bunch of laugh out loud moments. Brooke remains a stranger but the show is obviously aiming for a battle for Scott’s affection between her and Erica. Laura is surprisingly more headstrong than her brother and now that she has her mind set, we’ll ideally see developments on the Turner Sr investigation.

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