Bentonville Film Festival: “The Daphne Project” Review

Bentonville Film Festival: “The Daphne Project” Review

-Allison McCulloch

69 mins. | USA | 2021

Writer/Director/Producers: Zora Iman Crews, Alec Tibaldi

The Daphne Project was a wild ride. It opened, reeking of Woody Allen’s style from the opening credits, snide humor, and faux interviews. Daphne (writer/director Zora Iman Crews) is an actress who All Above Eves her way to the top (I was actually scared that things would go in the Showgirls direction, but it was somewhat restrained).

Daphne also resembles The Forty-Year-Old Version in that we have a strong, Black voice talking about her experience in the theater world. Daphne is about a younger protagonist and the film is in color. However, the two would make for an interesting double feature.

Daphne also plays with gender: the “lead” role of Dionysus is intended to be played by a male, but Daphne expounds on the fact that maybe a woman should play the role. Nobody really knows if Daphne or Dionysus has a penis anyway.

The dialogue and situations are quirky and unreal. It’s such a short film; at 69 minutes, the film doesn’t overstay its welcome or try to pad anything. Overall, I had an enjoyable time and I was happy to have picked this for my last film at Bentonville Film Festival. Don’t let this film get lost in the shuffle!

Vegan alert:
Reference to a suicidal cat that died 6 years ago.

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