Netflix Original Series ‘Outer Banks’ S2E7: The Bonfire

It took me a few months to get into Outer Banks. It wasn’t one of those shows that I thought I would like and after watching the first two episodes, I was sure it wasn’t a show for me. But I powered through the season, and honestly, I loved it and I feel like often we give up to fast on TV shows because of a lackluster episode or two.

The show left off with mass chaos. Did the storm consume John and Sarah? Will Ward pay for what he did? How will the three amigos (Pope, Kiara, JJ) move on without their friends? And what will happen to the gold?

S2E67: The Bonfire

The opening highlights Ward taking the fall for all the crimes, including freeing Rafe of his guilty doings. Sarah is struggling with her Dad gone and how John reacted is forcing her to decide, which she knows will be hard but has to do it cause things got way too complicated. Whew, great scene by Madelyn Cline.

Sarah is not okay, and she is struggling and Topper is taking full advantage of the situation. He is wining, dining, and hoping to win her back over as she mourns the loss of her father. I never did like this guy.

The bonfire, the biggest night in the city, is a huge event where everyone gathers for a good time. Topper shows up with Sarah, John dances with another girl and the war breaks out. Although this was expected, I felt like this was the first time they could have done this a little better.

The drugs and his Dad being gone are catching up to Rafe. He is on the verge of a massive meltdown and no one can stop him. As his latest breakdown happens, crazy Lambrey has arrived with the key to Ward’s house, looking to uncover the gold.

While we had some plot movement, I think this is easily the weakest episode of the season. They really had to deliver after the best episode and they failed to capitalize on it even with the slowing down.

The Verdict: B-

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