‘Turner & Hooch’ Season 1, Episode 2 ‘A Good Day to Dog Hard’ Review

The second episode of the Disney+ series has aired and this time, Turner finds himself assigned to a playdate with an Olympic committee member’s daughter.

This week, it definitely felt as though the pace had been picked up a little with slightly more bounce than the pilot; however, it’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done if the show’s going to be anything spectacular.

In the episode, Turner and Hooch are thrust into action amidst a hostage scenario so the focus is heavily aimed towards their relationship as they learn to adjust to teamwork. It’s still very lighthearted and thankfully not at all case heavy. We could easily watch the relationship between Scott and his new partner unfold, which is obviously the centre of the series, without additional and unnecessary drama.

Josh Peck is more comfortable to watch; he did do a good job in the pilot but was let down by unnaturally fast character development. With episode two, he is less of a fool-type and we see him take initiative, use his intuition and actually come up with a clever plan to one-up the villains. There hasn’t been much insight to his past or even his life in general so we haven’t really had much chance to connect with him as a character; at times he can feel bland but this episode proved that the leading man has a lot of potential to shine.

The romance between Turner and Erica (Vanessa Lengies) is also slowly blossoming, but so far it appears that Erica is there to serve as the cliché bumbling love interest. Lengies, however, is charming to watch. I hope we will see more of her down the line considering she’s had little screen time in the first two episodes.

As for the mystery surrounding Turner Sr, Scott and his sister, Laura (Lynsey Fonseca) find implications that the circumstances leading to their father’s death may not be as clear as they thought. It’s this enigma that is ultimately pulling the show along and holding our attention. Not much is to be said for how this arc could play out but it’s slowly but surely making some progress.

This episode made an improvement from the first week. There is still plenty to unravel – hopefully something that will happen sooner rather than later – but the show has been easy viewing so far.

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