‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (1986) Song Ranking

What do you get when you combine: a geeky, unconventional hero, the damsel in distress, a sadistic dentist and a man-eating plant? An immediate recipe for disaster would probably spring to mind but you throw them in with dark comedy, the age-old ‘underdog gets the girl’ romance and catchy hits, you’ve got yourself a pretty sensational musical.

In December, it’ll have been 35 years since the cult classic that is Little Shop of Horrors hit our screens and to celebrate, I’ll be ranking the soundtrack below:

11. Some Fun Now

The three are fun to watch but it’s a fairly forgettable song.

10. Mean Green Mother From Outerspace

Okay, Audrey II is pretty cool. How come the villain always gets a flawlessly entertaining number?

9. Suppertime

The tension is unnerving and the three ‘Greek chorus’ girls are hauntingly eerie.

8. Somewhere That’s Green

Audrey’s satirical fantasy manages to come across as sweet and you can only hope she achieves it.

7. Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)

Bouncy and juxtaposing to the real horror that awaits.

6. Da Doo

It provides us with all the exposition that we need and it does so memorably.

5. Feed Me (Git It)

This one often crosses my mind whenever I’m in need of a snack.

4. Grow For Me

What more could this mysterious plant want? You can’t help by have sympathy for Seymour as he reaches a new level of hopelessness.

3. Skid Row (Downtown)

Not only is it choreographed exceptionally well, it highlights the versatile tone of the film.

2. Dentist

Steve Martin is the real star, let’s be honest.

1. Suddenly Seymour

Iconic, uplifting, a karaoke classic.

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