‘Little Shop of Horrors’ (1986) Song Ranking

What do you get when you combine: a geeky, unconventional hero, the damsel in distress, a sadistic dentist and a man-eating plant? An immediate recipe for disaster would probably spring to mind but you throw them in with dark comedy, the age-old ‘underdog gets the girl’ romance and catchy hits, you’ve got yourself a pretty... Continue Reading →

Naya Rivera’s 10 Greatest ‘Glee’ Performances

It would be impossible to forget the talent that Naya Rivera emitted whenever she appeared on our screens. Many people will have come to know Rivera as the daring, sharp-witted cheerleader, Santana Lopez, from the popular musical series Glee (2009 – 2015). Naya’s performance on the show is indelible. She was purely captivating to watch... Continue Reading →

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