Pink Opaque Interview & Review

Director/Written By: Derrick Perry
Stars: Elijah Boothe, Aaron Dominguez, Susan Elle, Dave Huber,
Plot: Los Angeles film student struggles to graduate while navigating a budding romance and reconnecting with his estranged uncle leading to a renewed uncertainty of his future.

Travis struggles to balance life, from his dad being gone to balancing a girlfriend with a troubled background to finishing film school. When Travis hits bottom, he says this line, and it hits you to the core, not just for what has happened to him but also forces you to look within.

“When you hit rock bottom, the only place to look is up.”


I can’t praise Derrick Perry’s writing enough throughout this movie. From the moment we meet Travis, he makes the audience want to connect with his journey. Because of this, as each scene happens, you empathize with him and find yourself rooting for him. Another thing that stood out was his work behind the camera. The way he shot it also made it very personal and intimate.

As we reached the third act, we witness the culmination of everything that Derrick has built. He not only forces you to think about how you would handle the obstacles placed in front of Travis but what we would do in the shoes of the other characters. A fitting end for a fantastic movie.

The Verdict: B+ (****)

Elijah Booth gives a phenomenal performance as Derrick Perry’s Pink Opaque is a poetic journey of looking within.

Pink Opaque hits VOD on July 27.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Elijah Booth, the star of the film, and in our conversation, I wanted to highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of his role in Travis. Take a listen below to the entire interview.

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