Trailer: “No Man of God”

Ever since his performance in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Elijah Wood has become more of a name in horror, seemingly by his own design. After having a breath since the dual release of features centered around Theodore Bundy, now comes a different story centered around his last days and the chase for his ultimate confession.

THIS is the sort of trailer that functions, almost, a it’s own product, an exercise in building suspense:

Elijah Wood stars as Bill Hagmaier, and Luke Kirby plays Bundy. After the recent swing in popularity for documentaries and docu-series regarding serial killers, this has the potential to touch a nerve while exploring the risks of investment in such a fascination (something akin to a more sensationalized, compartmentalized retelling of the arc of ‘Holden Ford’ in ‘Mindhunter’ season one with Ed Kemper).

Luke Kirby (Left) interviewed by Elijah Wood (Right)

This will be released in select US theaters + on VOD starting August 27th, 2021.

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