Getaway Driver premieres on Discovery July 19

The Discovery Channel isn’t just about Shark Week, which ended July 17 after a successful 33rd year highlighting these majestic and powerful fish. As arguably the best non-fiction platform, Discovery includes everything from animals to technology, space exploration and a real life Fast & Furious!

Premiering July 19th, the new series Getaway Driver, will push the boundaries of motor programming beyond anything we’ve seen before; in real life. Michelle Rodriguez is set to host an 8-episode competition series featuring 24 of America’s best drivers who think they have what it takes to put their own cars on the line in a real-life high speed chase.

Introducing the series hosts

We all know the gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez from her starring role in the Fast & Furious franchise flicks. She has been a bit of a speed demon in real life and has joked that she needs to put the M3 in the driveway and stick to driving a Prius. I love that Discovery chose Rodriguez to be their host for Getaway Driver, because she’s truly a badass stunt driver and force to be reckoned with on or off the screen.

Joining Rodriguez on the show is rally champion Wyatt Knox. Knox is a Special Projects Director at the Team O’Neil Rally School as well as one of their chief instructors. My guess is when Rodriguez called him her partner in crime when they got out of the car together for the first show, he probably got weak in the knees. I would have!

Michelle Rodriguez host of Getaway Driver
Credit: Discovery

Get Away, Keep the $5K

Part Baby Driver, part Grand Theft Auto, the Getaway Drivers will put it all on the line – sacrificing their own cars for the opportunity to be the wheelman in a real-life car chase. The rules are simple… evade the pursuers and escape the compound to score some cold hard cash.

You’re going to be highly amused when you see these drivers, their cars and, um, in some cases their hair. You’re then going to feel super pumped when you see the courses laid out for these drivers. With names like “Wasteland” and “Chemical Plant” the five zone compound is nothing short of insane! This is an environment I could NEVER take my Mazda CX9.

So we have the drivers, the cars, the course and it wouldn’t be a getaway without pursuers. The pursuers work as a team to stop the drivers and they have an advantage of already knowing the compound zones. I’m not gonna lie, I smiled big when Michelle Rodriguez asked all the drivers who would want to go first and the guys evaded eye contact while one of the female drivers was like “Alright, let’s do this!” Let’s go!

Who wouldn’t be interested in checking out new cars, new speeds and seeing which of the 24 elite drivers will end up on top? Especially when you consider that some of these drivers are professional racers while others are YouTube stars. Nothing against winning stardom on the YouTubes, but this is not a game.

Don’t miss Getaway Driver Tune in on Discovery

Getaway Driver with Michelle Rodriguez premieres July 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

If you have Discovery+ you can start streaming the new competition series now.

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