“Ringloom” Review: Hudson King and Justin Solaiman

I wanted to take a moment to put a spotlight on up and coming voices in the industry, particularly those who seem to grasp the concept that movies are about telling a story through images and how much meaning and power there can be to an image on its own. Here is the 40 second teaser for the short film ‘Ringloom’:

Ringloom – Official Trailer from Justin Solaiman on Vimeo.

‘Ringloom’ isn’t the most earth-shattering new thing you’ll see, but it IS a somber reflection on the hardship of saying goodbye, with a wholly original nod towards the distrust people feel when life calls us to move forward. I don’t know what a “pilot” is in this world, or the purpose of the “program,” but I don’t care. It’s beautiful, filled to the brim with heart and purpose, and it moves by too quickly. I can’t wait to see what this team can do with a feature. Written and co-directed by Justin Solaiman and Hudson King, they clearly know how to communicate a meaningful story to a crew that delivers a professional grade product beyond the emotional impact of 90% of other shorts tackling the same subject matter.

The best news I can provide is the movie is available NOW at FilmShortage.

This delivers on the promise set by The Distorting Mirror as a brand: “A film production company based in Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to bring our strange visions to life. That is all.” (Found at https://www.thedistortingmirror.com/)

Check out their website to get in touch with their team and see some intriguing behind the scenes images/details.

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