Thinking Out Loud: Happy Death Day 2U

Welcome back to another throwback review of mine. Thinking Out Loud is where I take running notes throughout the movie.

I went to see Happy Death Day 2U, and the first one wasn’t a bad cheeky horror flick. It was a surprise breakout hit when it hit the theaters, which always means we will get a sequel.

Here we go…

Drunk kid in a car hungover, I think we’ve all been there.

Oh, snap…. we’ve got a bunch of science mumbo jumbo talk. 

The Science teacher is a tad mean. Why are teachers so negative? Aren’t they supposed to be positive?

I love how you can get a text from “Unknown caller” in movies because that’s literally impossible.

Yep, a typical dumb kid going into random rooms. I hear noises. I’m running the opposite way. 

He dead 

ROUND 222222222

Mean ass dog part II

The dude on the skateboard didn’t spill any coffee coming around the corner? 

Lol k




Dick headteacher is back.

Thank god for the movie pass (I have no clue why I came to see this) 

Oh no, a super-serious moment in a super dumb cheesy horror movie. 


The safest place was a basketball game, and they just didn’t know it was baby mask-wearing night.

Random horror chase scene where our protagonist runs to no man’s land where there is nobody in sight but the giant bad killer.

Why can no one ever be quiet when hiding? 

Clone/Twin and somehow a short guy with a wrench can fend off two security guards, is leaving an option?

Slow-motion, the random science thing blew up, k….. 

Ohhhhhhh, so he sent her back to the past now? Does she get to relive it all over again? K….

I’m sure the Republicans would love the throwing of the global warming paperwork.

Pissed off Global warming folks, outed a gay guy; what’s next? 

TOODLES. Who says that?

She’s never seen Back to the Future. Well, they were kind of meh anyway. I forgive her. 

Now offending Anne Frank and Helen Keller, Jesus. And now the handicap. 

The Moms still alive? Who didn’t see that coming…. actually, I didn’t. 

Wake me up when this shit is over like it’s not even funny bad. 

Oh, snap. The killer is on the loooooseeeee. 

How in the hell did he miss her by like 20 feet with that swing of an ax?

I won’t lie; I kind of dug her falling off the cliff.

I literally am thinking about the bomb smoothie I am going to make when I get home. 

Banana, Strawberries and milk…. sounds so good right now. 

Oh yeah, the movie. They are talking about science and her coming back to life and blah blah blah. 

Oooooo fun, she gets to killer herself a bunch of times. 

Oh no, she jumped out of the plane in a bikini and landed right in front of the loving couple as she gave us the bird. The audience (of like 9) laugh out loud. 

Just saw that Marriott changed their app to read Bon Voy…. why? 

People in movies constantly be breaking out of hospitals like it’s nothing. 

So she ultimately decided to stay in the past? Meh.

Closing loops now, folks. 

Back to seriously moment again. 

Oh, little boy toy is going to save the day. 

So disrespectful. She’s got her shoes on her bed. Even in a hotel. Gross. 


Who nicknames their kid TREE? 

So many serious moments. 

As a movie lover, I hope the director/writer/producer makes millions off this. 

Omg. Are really really really deep serious moment now? Cheesy cliché after cheesy cliché.

Dick headteacher is back to ruin everything. 

This movie is never going to end. 

People are actually laughing at this dumb movie. Oh no, they stole the continuum transfunctioner.

(Dude Where’s My Car is a classic movie)

I hate the way people use cell phones in movies.

Oh no, the cheating hubby is the killer. Twist the wife was in on it. Boy toy to save the day again!!!!!!!

Omg, that was so cheesy. Someone shoot me. That killing was absurd and dumb. 

THE END ……. 

In the ending, the kid says, “omg, I just shit my pants,” and the guy behind me just about fell out his chair laughing.

After credit scene? The FBI has arrived to take all the kids, and please let this end. Maybe this is the beginning of the new MIB.

The Verdict:

*1/2 out *****

I gave this movie half of a star, well, because someone had to make the movie, and I respect that.

I am sure there are going to be people out there that like this movie, and good for them. But I am not one of those said people.

Horror movies should never take themselves super seriously, and this movie tried way too hard. I don’t think the film even understood what it was trying to be. One minute you had her being serious with her Mom, and the next, you are making awful jokes about Helen Keller, like do one or the other, not both. Obviously, we weren’t going to get fantastic acting, and we were going to get a cheesy horror flick with campy ideas with a couple of laughs, and so cool killing.

I don’t think any of that happened once. This movie was not my cup of tea.

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