The Purge Franchise Ranked

When the original Purge came out, I was super excited because it felt like a breath of fresh air in the horror/thriller genre. Fast forward and the fifth installment of the franchise hits theaters today. 

I saw The Forever Purge last night, and I wanted to share my rankings of the franchise with you. 

5. The Purge

Typically an OG of a franchise stands as one of the better films of the franchise, but that isn’t the case. My biggest issue is that we talked about this day and how everyone could ‘purge,’ and we got stuck inside a house? I wasn’t a fan of that at all.

4. The First Purge

I struggled with my rankings here because my two and three are relatively close because I’ve enjoyed both of them. I do like how they controlled the idea of how it was created and some other ways it missed the boat. I think this was as close as “real life” any of these movies felt.

3. The Forever Purge (My review below)

I had a few issues with some of the structure and felt they held back, but overall, it is a great addition to the franchise—my full thoughts above in my review.

2. The Purge: Election Year

I enjoyed this one a whole lot upon my rewatch of the movie. It was the type of movie that, like The First Purge, felt real in so many ways—the real-life similarities throughout the film that made it scarier than it might have been. 

1. The Purge: Anarchy

Everything I wanted from the first movie we got in this one. I wanted to experience The Purge in this open world with people running amuck and killing folks. Michael K. Williams is fantastic in addition to this movie (like he always is). 

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