Too Late – Review

Too Late – Review

Director(s): D.W. Thomas

Writer(s): Tom Becker

Cast: Fred Armisen, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ron Lynch, Alyssa Limperis

Synopsis: A young aspiring stand-up comedian and assistant needs to scape her boss, who’s a real monster.

Two of the hardest lessons I have learned throughout my life include: 1) Don’t make plans and, 2) Have zero expectations. For today’s review, I will focus on the latter because “Too Late”, directed by indie filmmaker D.W Thomas and written by Tom Becker, didn’t even exceed my lowest hopes for it.

“Too Late” is the story of Violet Fields (Alyssa Limperis), an aspiring stand-up comedian who works as an assistant for a man who is a literal monster. Stuck in some sort of pact with her boss, Violet needs to find a way to escape his demonic grasp before becoming his next meal.

To be fairly honest, I do appreciate the effort here. Becker’s script is daring enough that, after a tortuous first act, the movie indeed gets a bit interesting – greatly due to the extremely cartoonish performance by veteran actor Ron Lynch, who fearlessly embraced his character and the ridiculousness of it all. But “Too Late” is a painful watch and unfortunately it is what it is.

With a running time of 80 minutes, the movie feels like purgatory, the sort of damnation where characters and audience are stuck in forever. “Too Late” fails not because of its very apparent low budget; it fails because it had no direction, focus or enough background to help me connect with the situations being presented.

Just like Lynch’s character devours its victims alive, “Too Late” will do just the same with any uniformed soul who watches it.

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