Praise for Sungaze – New Music

Dreamgaze, shoegaze, sungaze. Which one of these is the band?


But Sungaze makes dreamgaze music.

I don’t know guys, maybe I’m getting old, but what if I just want to describe music as pop, rock, rap or country?

Okay, forgive me for the ramble, because all that aside Sungaze is a decent band that I’ve grown to enjoy and they are releasing a lush new album, This Dream, on August 13, 2021.

And if you gaze long enough

This Dream album cover

According to their bio, Sungaze is an American Dreamgaze band from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Today they released a single from the album, “Body in the Mirror” and I’ve listened to it a dozen times already. It reminds me of something from out of the 90s that I would have tried to tape on cassette while replaying a scene from the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo + Juliet.

Oh my and their album will be released on a gorgeous lavender vinyl that I absolutely must have in my collection. I can only imagine the sound coming through my record player; that crackle.

Who is Sungaze?

The band centers around the relationship and dynamic of husband and wife duo Ian Hilvert and Ivory Snow, though it was not the original vision. In its early days, before it had a name, Sungaze was the bedroom recording project of Hilvert, who, having recently left his long-time metal band, was looking to try his hand at writing more dreamy and introspective material. Snow joined the band as a temporary keyboardist, but as the group played more shows, her influence on the band grew and helped to propel them forward into stronger and more confident songwriting. This ultimately gave way to Snow and Hilvert writing collaboratively and sharing lead vocal duties—resulting in a fluid mixture of each member’s artistic influences and a distinct sound entirely their own.

I only wish the album was released sooner than August so it could head to the beach with me next month. 

More from Sungaze



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