MCDI’s Favorite Ryan Reynolds Movies

Ryan Reynolds has been on the star path for quite a while, and he broke into national stardom with his portrayal of Deadpool. He has become a household name with hit after hit after hit.

Today the team gets together and shares their favorite movies of his.

Ricky: @rickyvalero_


One-shot movies are the hardest for actors, which is easily my favorite role Reynolds played. He plays Paul, a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq who is buried alive after an attack by a group of Iraqis. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend checking it out.

Safe House

Safe House was the first time I saw Ryan Reynolds and said: ‘This guy can be an action star.’ Of course, being next to the great Denzel Washington helps that, but he stood his own, and their chemistry makes this film so much fun.

Van Wilder

I have watched Van Wilder so many times I lost count. Ryan Reynolds is HILARIOUS in this movie, and I think the dynamic he and Tara Reid shared was amazing. I love this movie, and this was one of the first movies that put Reynolds really on the map.

Jacob: @Tberry57

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

I actually think Ryan Reynold’s voice worked insanely well with this Pikachu. This film was not what I expected, or wanted, but man was it fun. A lot of that is credit to Reynold’s amazing voice work, and I wish the ending was different so we could have gotten more from him.


This was Ryan Reynold’s breakout performance, and that feels weird saying about a guy who was so well known before this film, but Deadpool is the character in which Reynold’s found himself the most comfortable. He was, quite literally, born to play this role, and when he’s done they need to move on from the character. Seriously, no one can or will do it better than Reynold’s, and his work in the first Deadpool showed the energetic and zany nature of the character that became such a fan favorite.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is a lot like Deadpool, but everything is upped just a tad. The jokes are funnier, the emotion is better, and the action is larger. The original Deadpool is built on a lot of charm and surprise, but I think this movie holds up better in the long run.

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