The Best Movie Musicals of All Time

With the release of In The Heights in theaters and HBO Max tomorrow, we all love a movie with a good dance number and some great music. So, I wanted to share with you my favorite Musical Movies of all time. 

Ricky: @rickyvalero_

La La Land

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a LOVE for this film like no other. Damien Chazelle captures the art of love, music, and Hollywood in one movie like we hadn’t seen before.


As a young teenager, when this movie came out, it made me feel a certain way. I love this movie so much, and I’ll never forget when I was watching the Oscars, and it was cleaning up, and I was for ALL THAT JAZZ!

Dirty Dancing

I mean honestly who doesn’t love this movie? Hunky Swayze and the Beautiful Jennifer Grey make for a dynamic pairing in one of the best mix of love and music we’ve ever seen.


Is this cheating? I would like to say YOU’RE WELCOME. Honestly, I never in a million years thought I would like this movie but it was AMAZING. The entire cast is charming and the music is FIRE!

The Greatest Showman

Is the movie good? Eh, its debatable, but I will admit they do have some fantastic numbers that I do watch from time to time. The movie doesn’t always have to be a smash in order for us to love the music inside of them.

Jacob: @Tberry57

Singin’ in the Rain

The definitive movie musical in my eyes. The songs are perfect, the story is hilariously wonderful, and the choreography is breathtaking. This is a movie I can go back to and just feel as excited as I was the first time I watched it.

West Side Story

When it comes to putting the appeal of broadway on screen, none have done better than West Side Story. This film felt like I was watching a Broadway performance, from the music, to the set pieces, the cinematography, and the choreography, everything felt as if you were sitting in a theater and watching it live. Just masterful.


Once is the most innocent of all the musicals I will say, but it packs the biggest punch. As low budget as low budget can get, this film defied the odds and even went on to win an Academy Award for the original song “Falling Slowly” (which is still my favorite Original Song winner ever). It was also the start of director John Carney’s real Hollywood career, and his follow up projects, specifically Sing Street, have been just as intimate.

The Little Mermaid

I will argue with literally anyone that “Kiss the Girl” is the best Disney animated song they have ever released. This film was the start of what I will call the “New Age” of Disney Animated films, and still holds up as one of my favorites from the entire vault.

Walk the Line

Rounding out my list is a Biopic, and, for me, Walk the Line takes the cake. Yes, the name of my hometown is used in the film, and yes, Johnny Cash lived in my hometown for the later part of his life, but overall the movie told an incredible story about the “Man in Black”, and gave us one of my favorite performances of all-time in Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash.

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