2021 SuperFlex Rookie Draft Rankings

The 2021 NFL Draft provided some crazy amounts of fun. When you study these guys for well over a year and plant your flag on some of them, you can’t help but be excited to see where they will go. Although certain guys in my process I didn’t like, I can’t deny landing spots and draft capital.

2021 SuperFlex Rookie Draft Rankings

1. Trevor Lawrence

Obvious 1.01, but honestly if you are set at quarterback and can’t trade back, I don’t hate taking Najee Harris or Kyle Pitts here.

2. Trey Lance

One of the guys I was talking about above, not keen throughout the draft process, but the 49ers traded three first-round picks for him, and you can’t ignore that. You also can’t overlook his dual-threat capabilities, which Kyle Shanahan will utilize in his favor. You may have to be patient with Lance, which is just fine because the payoff has high potential.

3. Najee Harris

The landing spot literally EVERYONE predicted and one that is fruitful and filled with promise. There is no reason why we don’t see over 13-1400 yards, 40-50 catches, and double-digit touchdowns in year one. I love this landing spot, and I hope to grab a few shares.

4. Kyle Pitts

Falcons draft TE Kyle Pitts in the 1st round - The Falcoholic

The ADP on this guy will be all over the place because people will take him as high as 1, and I’ve already seen him fall to 7-8, but you can’t deny the talent, upside, and the fact he went to a team with a good quarterback. Pitts can line up all over the football field, and I expect to see him in the top ten of the position by year’s end.

5. Ja’Marr Chase

Reunited and it feels so good part one. Burrow and Chase reuniting is my least favorite picks because they should have drafted Sewell for protection. BUT Chase is that guy. He is super talented and was hands down the best WR in this draft. Chase being drafted does hurt the stock of Higgins, but I think Boyd could see an uptick of volume opposite of him. But overall, it’s hard not to like a landing spot where the quarterback will have to throw 500+ times.

6. Zach Wilson
7. Justin Fields

Why did I bundle them together? Well, I think for me, it’s a toss-up. Both landed in quarterback hell (based on their organization), but both have upside. The Jets drafted very well, and their offseason has been solid, and they are doing everything they can to set up Wilson for success.

Fields, I was not too fond of this landing spot on draft day and still not a big fan of it. This will help elevate others around him, but I have no faith in Nagy putting this man on a good path. The Bears are the same team that was set to have Andy Dalton as their QB1, remember?

8. Mac Jones

Honestly, with these being SuperFlex rankings this is an easy spot to put him in. Not everyone will love Mac Jones but you don’t get drafted in the first round without the promise of starting. Jones is dropping down boards as each day progresses and he has the upside to be the steal of this rookie draft. Don’t overthink it and snag Jones if you can.

9. Jaylen Waddle

Is Tua good? Who knows but reuniting with Waddle could only help the development of him in year two. I’ve been on record on my love for this guy, and I continue to sing his praises. The Dolphins weren’t my ideal landing spot for him, but I will take it because he should be the WR1 easily.

10. Javonte Williams
11. Travis Etienne

Javonte has hands down my favorite landing spot outside of Harris in this draft. As my co-host Stoops mentioned on draft night, this has the potential of being the Dobbins/Ingram scenario where Williams takes over that job at some point in the season. I prefer the landing spot to Etienne but have them paired hand in hand.

12. Devonta Smith

DeVonta Smith gets his NFL jersey number from Philadelphia Eagles

Another landing spot that I love, although the quarterback has uncertainty behind him. I don’t believe Hurts will be an NFL starter for an extended period, but Smith is the number one WR (sorry, Reagor) as he walks in this door. He could easily see upwards of 80-100 targets this season, and that alone makes him worthy of a first-rounder.

13. Rondale Moore
14. Amon-Ra St. Brown
15. Elijah Moore
16. Rashod Bateman
17. Trey Sermon
18. Michael Carter
19. Amari Rodgers
20. Terrace Marshall
21. Nico Collins
22. Kadarius Toney
23. Kyle Trask
24. Dez Fitzpatrick

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