FINAL Oscar Predictions: Animated Feature Film

ReferenceANNIE (International Animated Film Association) – BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association) – GG (Golden Globes) – PGA (Producers Guild Awards) – VES (Visual Effects Society)

  • 1 – Soul (Disney/Pixar) – AnnieBAFTABFCAGGPGAVES – Pete Docter and Dana Murray
  • 2 – Wolfwalkers (Apple TV+/Cartoon Saloon) – Annie, BAFTA, BFCA, GG, PGA – Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, Paul Young and Stéphan Roelants
  • 3 – Over the Moon (Netflix) – BFCA, GG, PGA, VES – Glen Keane, Gennie Rim and Peilin Chou
  • 4 – Onward (Pixar) – Annie, BAFTA, BFCA, GG, PGA, VES – Dan Scanlon and Kori Rae
  • 5 – A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Netflix) – Annie, BFCA – Richard Phelan, Will Becher and Paul Kewley

‘Soul’ is winning. Could I leave it here? Could I really just make it that simple? Oh alright, I’ll speak a bit more. However, be assured ‘Soul’ is absolutely winning.

Look at all those bold wins ‘Soul’ has under its belt, to say it isn’t winning would be a very silly thing to do. Last year, even when ‘Toy Story 4’ was given competition from ‘Klaus’ and ‘Missing Link’, it was still able to win the Oscar, so I don’t understand how there is a scenario ‘Soul’ doesn’t win when it has won EVERYTHING. I know some like to talk down on it because it’s going to win over ‘Wolfwalkers’ which is a film many are passionate about, but I think ‘Soul’ still deserves credit for being as good and as intelligent as it is, and I’ll happily see it win come Oscar night.

Speaking of ‘Wolfwalkers’, it won the ANNIE Best Indie Feature and as I mentioned there is strong passion behind it, but there is nothing that will stop the ‘Soul’ train. A part of me wonders if Disney/Pixar constantly dominating the animated category has to do with the voters just loving the films or if there is a larger scale issue on what the voters are actually watching before ticking off their box. I do worry that the voters assume the Disney or Pixar film is the best and just vote for it without watching some or maybe even all of the animated nominees.

Something interesting I noticed is that 4/5 of the nominees premiered on streaming. ‘Onward’ is the only theatrical release but I wonder if it would of gone on Disney+ if it was released in the heat of COVID-19. Forgetting COVID-19, going to the theatre can be a hassle anyway, but having children makes it all the harder, and I do wonder if the future of animated films lies on streaming services.

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