Final Destination Franchise Ranked

As rumours continue to circulate around a potential sixth instalment to the popular horror franchise, I took some time to revisit the series and create a ranking that includes some of the most nail biting moments.

5. The Final Destination (2009) 

By far the weakest and least memorable of the series, but tries to reinvent itself with elements of 3D. That being said, the special effects are fairly ineffective if you are watching on a normal screen. This one was really just an excuse to see how much guts and impalements they could have come flying towards us. The performances are quite weak, the plot is tired and lacks tension, and there are far too many premonitions that keep dragging the narrative out until we have nothing left to invest.

Premonition – NASCAR Crash 

Nail Biting Moment – Samantha’s Pamper Therapy 

Most Shocking Moment – George Takes the Ambulance

4. Final Destination 3 (2006)

The franchise returns to high school but has no correlation to the previous films. The camera angles are often jarring, the acting is dubious, and the characters are utterly unlikeable. The ante for torture porn is significantly upped, possibly to contend with the newly released Saw franchise, with each death more predictable than the last. This one definitely leaves you shouting out in frustration and not in a good way. It attempts to capture the essence of the first film; even mimicking certain plot points. However, by the time this rolled around, high school horrors were unfortunately a thing of the past. 

Premonition – Rollercoaster Crash 

Nail Biting Moment – Julie’s Hellish Horse Ride

Most Shocking Moment – Erin’s Trip in the Warehouse

3. Final Destination 5 (2011) 

The final instalment plays more on the morbid curiosity of intrusive thoughts; which is a moderately frightening concept. Although, the acting is not exactly award winning and the dialogue can be cringe-worthy. It is also mildly irritating how unrealistic and over-the-top every single death is but it encapsulates the idea of irrational anxieties pretty well. Final Destination 5 probably has the most surprising twist ending of the entire series, which secures its position in the top 3.

Premonition – Bridge Collapse

Nail Biting Moment – Candace’s Practice Goes Awry

Most Shocking Moment – Sam and Molly Take Flight

2. Final Destination 2 (2003) 

This one steers clear of the high school setting; holds a lot of adult drama and lacks the chemistry of the original cast. Ali Larter’s reprisal sets her up as the Jamie Lee Curtis of the Final Destination franchise, which fails to prepare us for an explosive turn. The film appears to be testing the water in terms of gore as it is slightly more violent than its predecessor and adds a bit of comedy into the mix. Much like the first, many of the deaths are unpredictable and sudden, which keeps the tension building. Ultimately, it’s the best sequel by a long shot.

Premonition – Car Pileup 

Nail Biting Moment – Tim Gets a Mouthful at the Dentist

Most Shocking Moment – The Jaws of Life

1. Final Destination (2000)

The series quite literally takes off with a bang and sets the bar fairly high for the rest of the franchise. It falls into the high school horror trope of the 90s/early 00s which gives it a very grungy vibe; not to mention that the cast is filled with 90s icons such as Devon Sawa (Casper, Idle Hands), Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek), Seann William Scott (American Pie) and Ali Larter (Varsity Blues). Original and innovative, and keeps you in suspense for the most part – a definite nail biter that leaves you paranoid over the most mundane tasks.

Premonition – Plane Crash

Nail Biting Moment – Tod is Left to Hang

Most Shocking Moment – Terry Catches a Bus

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