Ranking 2021 Oscars Best Director

In this weeks episode of the Music City Drive-In podcast we talked about the Supporting categories for the upcoming Oscars. Who we thought was going to win and who could play potential spoiler, and you can listen to that below.

I wanted to have a little fun with both categories and I will do this to correlate for all of our shows, but I wanted to rank them for my preference, give my winner, and potential spoiler as well.

Best Director

My Ranking

1. Emerald Fennell – Promising Young Woman
2. Chloé Zhao – Nomadland
3. Lee Isaac Chung – Minari
4. David Fincher – Mank
5. Thomas Vinterberg – Another Round

Who Will Win: Chloé Zhao  – Nomadland

Zhao will win this award, and I couldn’t be more elated. Upon my rewatch of the film, you can’t help but appreciate how she utilized every moment of the film to tell her story. Her story-telling with the camera is some of the best you will see in Hollywood. This win will only solidify the fact we know that she’s one of the best working today.

Who Might Play Spoiler: Emerald Fennell – Promising Young Woman

Could this be the year of first feature + woman all in one. As we talked about, Fennell has all the key nominations to make a splash, and honestly, I would LOVE it. I love Zaho’s direction with Nomadland, and she will run away with this, but if we have a ‘SUPRISE,” this is where I would love to see Fennell win. Her attention to detail is some of the best you will see from any film of 2020. She never wastes a moment of screen time, and she dared to take us on a journey that not a lot of people would have. I would be remiss not to mention that ending. It was a risk that paid off in a HUGE way.

Oscars, just give the Oscar to one of these two ladies. MAKE HISTORY!

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