Ranking 2021 Oscars Best Supporting Actress

In this weeks episode of the Music City Drive-In podcast we talked about the Supporting categories for the upcoming Oscars. Who we thought was going to win and who could play potential spoiler, and you can listen to that below.

I wanted to have a little fun with both categories and I will do this to correlate for all of our shows, but I wanted to rank them for my preference, give my winner, and potential spoiler as well.

Best Supporting Actress

My Personal Rankings

1. Yuh-jung Youn – “Minari”
2. Olivia Colman – “The Father”
3. Glenn Close – “Hillbilly Elegy”
4. Maria Bakalova – “Bora Subsequent Moviefilm”
5. Amanda Seyfried – “Mank”

Who Will Win: Olivia Colman – “The Father”

Photo via Sony Pictures Classic

Yes, I am very well aware she just won Academy Award a few years back, but I believe the love for ‘The Father’ will be strong on Oscars night. I could see the film taking home this and another one (I won’t spoil yet). Do I think she could lose? Absolutely, I think any of these five ladies could win.

Who Might Play Spoiler: Yuh-jung Youn – “Minari”

Direct excerpt from my review: Speaking of Soonja, Youn Yuh-jung is a scene-stealer throughout the film. Our film’s tone is deep and dark, and she provides this breath of fresh air with laughter, wit, and charm. The way Chung writes Soonja is brilliant, but Youn carries herself with confidence, and the role sheds light on the fact that we don’t need to know how to do it all to feel good about ourselves. While the kids highlight Soonja’s flaws, she embodies them, and Youn’s in-depth portrayal of a flawed woman showed us that we need to be more accepting of who we are. Youn is an absolute delight from the time she enters the screen, and she should be in the conversation of Supporting Actress from the Academy. 

She should win, period.

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