Tom and Jerry (2021) Review

Tom and Jerry (2021) Review

This animated meets live-action slapstick caper between the famous cat and mouse duo is exactly what you’d expect! Not to be taken too seriously, Tom and Jerry is a nostalgic trip back to childhood and a fun piece of entertainment for the family.

Back in 1992, Tom and Jerry made their debut theatrical performance and were met with an unfavourable response. Though enjoyable, many people were put off by hearing the animals talk and feature in several musical numbers. Personally, I much preferred the 1992 adaptation, but Tim Story’s feature is a great homage to the traditional cartoon.

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Michael Peña, Tom and Jerry’s rivalry makes a reappearance in a swanky New York hotel on the eve of a high profile wedding. As the furry duo join forces with bubbly new hire, Kayla (Moretz), they must figure out a way to outsmart a snivelling manager (Peña), and prevent total chaos falling upon the hotel.

The story isn’t overly strong and makes for a very easy watch. The cat and mouse do become secondary characters in their own movie, which is quite disappointing. In all honesty, they influence such a minor part of the story that, had they not been in it, the film could’ve worked under a different title. Whenever they are on-screen, however, you are teleported straight back to your childhood and it makes for a very joyous experience.

I would’ve liked to have seen the eponymous two more as the direction is slightly more focused on the live-action aspect. In a sense, it was pretty much all that I’d expected considering it would’ve felt like an extended episode had it solely been a cartoon. Alternatively, Story could’ve given the pair dialogue and I imagine it could’ve been somewhat of a carbon copy of the 1992 version and perhaps suffer the same fate.

That being said, Morerz is extremely charming in her role. She’s quirky, funny and just a delight to watch. Her presence lights up the entire room, and her character is genuinely likeable. Peña is also a welcome addition to the cast, perfecting Terrence’s no-nonsense attitude within the hotel. However, the show is well and truly stolen by Ken Jeong. With only a few minutes of screen time, Jeong is unsurprisingly hilarious, and a lot of it comes from his facial expressions. His comedic timing certainly complements the exaggerated humour of the film.

Tom and Jerry is an overall jolly feature ideal for watching with the family. There could have been more focus on the duo and a little more development with their plots, but it’s still a fun trip down memory lane.


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