Film Threat Award This! Announces 2021 Indie Film Nominees For Drive-In Event & Virtual Ceremony

Film Threat Honors Renegade Filmmaking at Live Drive-In Event on April 10, 2021 & Virtual Ceremony on April 18th, 2021

Indie film champion, Film Threat,led byfounder and filmmaker Chris Gore, and in conjunction with their partner Magical Threads, are thrilled to announce the Award This! 2021 nominees. Award This! nominees were selected from the nearly 2,000 indie films reviewed on Film Threat in 2020. Award This! returning for its third year will take place at a drive-in in conjunction with the Frida Cinema at the Mess Hall in Tustin, CA on Saturday, April 10th (limited tickets available at ), and a virtual event for global audiences everywhere can be seen on Sunday, April 18th and it’s free to register for the virtual event here .

This years’ vastly differing nominees have climbed mountains, uncovered global conspiracies, time-shared babies, taken Instagram followings to new heights, searched for love & liberty, and have found themselves in nature and prison in the utterly unique Award This!  bold and diverse categories including Indie Sci-Fi, Indie Horror, Indie Comedy, Indie LGBTQ+ Themed Film, Indie Action/Thriller, WTF Indie, Indie Romantic Comedy, Music Documentary, Sports Documentary, Pop Culture Documentary, Socially-Relevant Documentary, Best Film Made During the 2020 Lockdown/Quarantine, Best Director, Best Directress, Indie Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100K), and Indie Movie of the Year.

“We’re ecstatic having discovered so many incredibly innovative indie films this year. With most Hollywood blockbusters on hold, there’s an opportunity for smaller indie films to rise to the surface and shine, this truly is a new Golden age for independents. The sheer volume of fascinating films we screened tells us independent film is thriving and we couldn’t be happier,” said Chris Gore.

To celebrate the 2021 Award This! nominees and kick off the event, a launch video featuring the voice talents of Jon Bailey was launched.

And now we present our list of truly independent films nominated for Film Threat’s 2021 Award This! event.

Award This! Short Film
A Simple F*cking Gesture
At The End Of The World 
Wade in the Water 
When the Train Stops 

Award This! Sports Documentary
Accidental Climber
Maybe Next Year
Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro
Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story
Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story
Unraveling Athena: The Champions of Women’s Tennis

Award This! Socially Relevant Documentary
Ask No Questions
Fat Fiction
Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo
Mighty Ira
The Prison Within
Waldo On Weed

Award This! Pop Culture Documentary
Animation Outlaws
Insert Coin
J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs and the Church of the ‘SubGenius’
The Last Blockbuster
The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story
The Ringmaster

Award This! Music Documentary
Creem America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine
Live From The Space Stage: A HALYX Story
The Rise of the Synths
Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith

Award This! Indie Documentary
Coded Bias
The El Duce Tapes
Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace 
Naughty Books
The Social Dilemma
The Truth About Marriage

Award This! Film About Movies or Filmmaking
Man in Camo
Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary
Once Upon A Time In Uganda
Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies
You Don’t Nomi

Award This! Indie Sci-Fi
Minor Premise
Same Boat
Save Yourselves!

Award This! Indie Horror
Home With a View of the Monster
Millennial Killer 
Scare Package
The Mortuary Collection
To Your Last Death
Uncle Peckerhead

Award This! Indie Comedy
The Argument
Call Me Brother
Corona Zombies
The Opening Act
The Planters

Award This! Indie LGBTQ+ Themed Film
Butt Boy
I Hate New Year’s
Five Women in the End
First Blush

Award This! Indie Action/Thriller
The Devil to Pay
Take Out Girl

Award This! WTF Indie like “What the Fuck is This Movie Even?”
Butt Boy
Call Me Brother
Lake Michigan Monster
The Special
To Your Last Death

Award This! Film Made During the 2020 Lockdown/Quarantine
2020 (A 1917 Parody)
Barbie & Kendra Save the Tiger King
Corona Zombies
Love in Dangerous Times

Award This! Indie Romantic Comedy
1 Night in San Diego
Olympic Dreams
Senior Love Triangle

Award This! Indie Drama
The Dark Divide
Frances Ferguson
One Hour Outcall

Award This! Indie Film Made for Less Than the Contents of an Oscar Gift Bag (Under $100K)
The Blue
Call Me Brother
Frances Ferguson
Love in Dangerous Times
Man in Camo 

Award This! Director
The Argument (Robert Schwartzman)
Call Me Brother (David Howe)
The Dark Divide (Tom Putnam)
Man in Camo (Ethan Minsker)
Senior Love Triangle (Kelly Blatz)
Sh!thouse (Cooper Raiff)
Spree (Eugene Kotlyarenko)
Shifter (Jacob Leighton Burns)

Award This! Directress
Night in San Diego (Penelope Lawson)
Five Women in the End (Kd Amond)
Jezebel (Numa Perrier)
Justine (Stephanie Turner) 
Limerence (Tammy Minoff)
The Planters (Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder)
Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story (April Wright)
Tahara (Olivia Peace)

Award This! Indie Movie of the Year
The Argument
Call Me Brother
The Dark Divide
The Planters
Senior Love Triangle 

The Award This! “voice of God” aka show announcer and epic voice guy, Jon Bailey (“Transformers: Combiner Wars”), will get the party started for a rollicking indie awards show.  Award This! sponsors and partners include Filmocracy, the Frida Cinema, StoryblocksArtist Vodka and charity HashtagLunchbag. 

Last years presenters included Angie Wang (“MDMA,” and the upcoming “Shotgun Bride”), Esther Ku (“Girl Code,” “Last comic Standing”)Erick Weber, editor of The Awards AceKimberly Browning (“All Hallows Eve 2,” “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty”), Bil Dwyer (“Hot in Cleveland,” “The Larry Sanders Show”), Matt Weinhold (“Trekkies,” “Beware the Batman”), David Huntsburger, (“Bill Nye Saves the World,” and host of the “Space Cave” podcast), Michael Cornacchia (“Hannah Montana: The Movie,” “Happy Feet”), Kevin Avery (“Comedy Central,” “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”), James Kerwin (one of the founders of “Star Trek Continues” “When the Train Stops”), Ron Placone, co-host of “The Jimmy Dore Show”),  Laura House, “Where the Heart is,” and show runner for “Secret Life of Boys”), Suzy Nakamura (“Avenue 5,” “Modern Family”), Chris Mancini (one of the founders of “Comedy Film Nerds”), Chris Gore (Film Threat founder), Alan Ng, managing editor of Film Threat, and Dante JamesFilm Threat writer and pop culture critic.

Film Threats Award This! is an event with a clear mission — to champion independent films in a variety of exciting categories in order to bring greater awareness to the growing number of exceptional independent films available on numerous platforms including VOD and streaming services. Recognizing these films during the height of award season creates a well-deserved visibility for these artists and creators.

To watch last years’ Film Threats Award This!

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