Quarterback Devy Rankings

With the College football season winding down and the NFL coming closer and closer to the playoffs, it is time to start dissecting the upcoming draft plans, whether that is your rookie draft or even joining new DEVY startups.

Stoops and I talked about these rankings in the podcast below, some of the rankings may have changed since it aired, but we wanted to give you our rankings in print.

1Trevor LawrenceClemson2021Trevor LawrenceClemson2021
2Justin FieldsOhio State2021Justin FieldsOhio State2021
3Kedon SlovisUSC2022Dj UiagaleleiClemson2023
4Sam HowellUNC2022Kyle TraskFlorida2021
5Jayden DanielsArizona State2022Sam HowellUNC2022
6Kyle TraskFlorida2021Kedon SlovisUSC2022
7Zach WilsonBYU2021Spencer RattlerOklahoma2022
8Bryce YoungAlabama2023Zach WilsonBYU2021
9Trey LanceNDSU2021Mac JonesAlabama2021
10Dj UiagaleleiClemson2023Trey LanceNDSU2021

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