Love Actually Film Review

Richard Curtis, famously known for his upscale London romantic comedies, took on his next challenge in 2003 with the popular, Love Actually. Written and Directed by Curtis, Love Actually has become a favourite of many at the festive period, yet I have only just seen it. For a while now I have neglected watching it for no real reason, however, I gave in and was surprised at how enjoyable it was. 

The popular rom-com set at Christmas follows eight couples and their attempt at dealing with their love lives. It is the must-see for all those looking for a Christmas comedy and also the tears that come with all romantic endeavours. We get an insightful look into the love life of a president, a family man and many more characters played by some famous faces including Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, Emma Thompson and many more. 

(Love Actually Cast)

It is easy to sell a film when the cast is full of stars, but to make sure the film is promising can be the challenge and Love Actually took this to a new level of fun. It’s easy viewing with great comedic timing and a lot of witty banter but also comes back down to earth with some heart-warming/breaking stories reminding us of the truth to love. Having a film with various storylines can become confusing for the audience, however, Curtis did an excellent job giving each character their own time to tell their story and made it easy to understand and follow. My only dislike to the individual stories was their connection; usually, this would tie all the plots together but I found that to be the confusing part of the film. 

There most definitely is a lot to love,  including the cast and characters. There are a total of ten stories being told in the film (hence the long runtime) but this was never an issue and only made the film so much more enjoyable to watch, especially having such a great cast play their roles with such honesty. I loved the soundtrack and its common use of famous hits including everyone’s favourite scene of Hugh Grant playing the Prime Minister dancing to Jump (For My Love). It is a really fun film but like any romance, there are moments of sadness, despair and heartbreak. Love Actually definitely did not neglect those moments and I’m happy they didn’t as they once again gave us an honest take on romance rather than just a false perception.

(Hugh Grant – Jump (for my love) scene)

Along with my positive notes, I did however find some moments I didn’t quite like. It’s a shame I can’t say it’s a perfect film but my dislikes are small. One, in particular, is Kris Marshall’s character, Colin Frissell. While I understand adding a character only for their comedy value, his story was irrelevant and strange.  I also mentioned how all characters have a link to each other whether that be, co-worker, friends or relatives but only some of them were made clear, and the rest I found to be more confusing.

(Kris Marshall as Colin Frissell)

All in all, Love Actually will always remain a popular favourite during the Christmas season I can now admit that my favourite of all storylines was Colin Firth’s. It’s fun and the storylines make it more than enjoyable but exciting. I love that it uses realistic and unrealistic relationships but makes them so interesting to watch and I think it gives us all something to take away, that Love Actually is all around.

By Kelda Storm

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