Robert De Niro – King of Christmas

I know Santa is the official commercial mascot of Christmas, but could there be a different King of Christmas? I think so. After watching countless films that feature Christmas, but aren’t exclusively Christmas movies, I have come to realize Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro is the undisputed King of Christmas!

Our boy Bob is in countless films that feature a scene or two at Christmas. I couldn’t help but imagine Bob including this as part of his contract “must include Christmas scene.” Maybe Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro is like the rest of us, unable to pass by a beautiful Christmas tree without stopping to admire its beauty. 

While Bob is in countless films that feature Christmas, here’s a list of my favorite Robert De Niro Christmas movies.

The Irishman (2019) – streaming on NetflixHad to start the list out big! Bonus points for featuring Joe Pesci in a Christmas cardigan

Goodfellas (1990) 
Who wouldn’t want to get scolded by Robert De Niro at Christmas for splurging on a gift?

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) – streaming on NetflixNot my favorite movie, but it has Robert De Niro, dancing Bradley Cooper and Jacki Weaver at Christmas time! We love to see it.

The Good Shepherd (2006) – streaming on HuluBig time bonus – Bob directed this film! Features a stunning Christmas scene, but unfortunately Bob himself is not Santa.

Joy (2015)
Another J Law + Bob De Niro Christmas movie! Plus mops!

Little Fockers (2010)
Also a Hanukkah film, but in this movie, Robert De Niro keeps his crown as King of Christmas.

Everybody’s Fine (2009)
Sam Rockwell! Drew Barrymore! A classic Christmas flick.

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