Happy Challah Days! – Gift Guide

There is honestly nothing I love more than gift-giving. It’s so rewarding after putting together a good list of what you want to get each loved one, the hunt of tracking down the gift, the wrapping, and then delivering the gift. When your family or friends light up over a gift you give them, it’s truly the best gift of all. Especially after a rough year like 2020, it’s time to reward your loved ones with a thoughtful gift.

Since most of us will be celebrating virtual holidays this year, we most likely have to ship our gifts and get them ahead of time. If you’re like me and staying indoors and avoiding shopping in person, you’re buying gifts online! I’ve nailed the art of gift-giving for everyone in my life, but specifically other fellow movie lovers. If you have a movie lover in your life you need to shop for, this list is for you!

Cinephile: A Card Game $25.00

This was a gift (I got myself) last year and it is the gift that keeps on giving! The ultimate card game for movie buffs! There are so many ways to play and it’s a great way to keep busy while staying inside and keeping safe this holiday season!

Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks $40.00

A recent addition to my coffee table and easily one of my favorites! Not only does it provide amazing insight into some of our favorite PTA films, but it also features beautiful artwork and photos of the man himself. (it is on Amazon, but please support local shops if available!)

Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Rose 2018 $16.99

The man, the myth, the legend makes wine, not just movies! Yes, this comes in a Riesling and Brut as well! I prefer the rosé, but all are available at Target, local shops, for the most part, BevMo, and the local LA link I noted above! Not only does this hit a “family filmmaker” check, but it’s also great wine!

Movie Night In Kit

No one link shop all for this, it might create a little more work to put this together! Since this holiday season will be different and we’ll be stuck inside together versus going out to the movies, we should prepare for this! Put together a gift basket with your favorite snacks + a gift card to cover the premium on-demand price! Thoughtful, useful gift! For my Movie Night in Kit, I would include for snacks:

Eat What You Watch: Cookbook $25

I received this as a gift and love it! A cookbook filled with more than 40 recipes all from various films! I love making a dish from the movie I watch from home. Top off the gift and maybe include some ingredients for a dish or a gift card to your market!

mother! The Making of the Fever Dream $35

A book all about my personal favorite film, mother! One of my absolute favorite books at home. Full of annotated maps, behind-the-scenes photography and looks at the script.

A24 x Joya Genre Candle $48

I know A24 has a lot of great merch, but it does get a little costly. These candles come in different “genres” and are actually of great quality. Pick your friend’s favorite genre and gift them the coordinating scent this holiday season!

Parasite (Criterion) $39.95

There are so many Criterions to choose from, but gift the gift of our last Best Picture winner! The Parasite Blu-Ray is action-packed with amazing features. Any film fan needs this in their collection!

Let Elizabeth Debicki Be Tall Tee $22

I recommend Super Yaki for any and all film fans in your life (horror fans, Star Wars fans, Jennifer Body’s fans), but this tee is my favorite. Super Yaki also has water bottles, stickers, and pins for stocking stuffers!

Binge Watching Kit $18.99

A handy kit to gift with various tools to survive binge-watching over your holiday break! A great kit to have on standby and would accompany an iTunes gift card to make a thoughtful “not just a gift card” gift.

This list is for the film lover in your life, but I truly excel at gift giving for anyone in your life. You can hit me up for recommendations free of charge!

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