You Will Never See Silicon Valley the Same After Watching This Documentary

Whether we’re talking about Silicon Valley, Silicon Slopes, Wall Streets, or even the Bahamas, many ambitious entrepreneurs in this day of age have the mentality of “fake it till you make it.” Whether we’re talking about faking the success to faking your startup’s success and taking that further by faking your product and its capabilities, the mentality has not only created an illusion of a booming economy but has also created the golden age of fraud.

Fyre: The Great Party That Never Happened is one documentary that takes “fake it till you make it” at a level not many people can achieve. Instead of faking the capabilities of an electronic, founder, and fraudster Billy McFarland and his team were faking the awesomeness of an event. Using influencers and posting great content on social media, they were able to create the illusion that the festival will be an awesome experience and that the whole operation was very successful.

You might be wondering if this documentary is too technical or boring and honestly, it isn’t. In fact, because it isn’t technical and they tell quite an interesting story, I would highly recommend watching it. Even if you’re not a whistleblower nor a short seller, this documentary will keep you focused. Plus, this story is told in such an easy to understand style that even young kids can understand how the entire fraud unfolded. And I hope it teaches everyone not to fake it till they make it.

And honestly, I do feel bad for those wealthy millennials that got screwed over.

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