Antebllum Review

Successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late.

The film opens with a few sequences of us seeing the fields of slavery. The torture, the murdering, the branding of the slaves. The scenes were enhanced with a haunting score to set the tone.

First, slavery scenes have always been hard for me to watch, and while watching, I always feel disgusting. As a white man, it is hard, and I can’t even imagine what it is like for a black person. It is alarming, heartbreaking, and unreal to think people had to go through these heinous acts.

The beginning of the film has an incredibly slow build that is infuriating to watch. When we flip to the current time, the pace does not pick up at all, and just the mundane dialogue and slow structure continue to weigh you down.

We get to the twist of the movie, which is not too much of a shock as you knew something was weird throughout the first act of the movie. We have an amazing shot sequence that was the first time I was like damn, this is a movie.

Janelle Monáe is phenomenal in the film as she showcases to the world that she can ACT, period. The emotional depth of the role is met with such brilliance within her abilities that she is the only redeeming thing that keeps you invested throughout.

When we meet our final act, the pace finally picks up the way in which I wanted it to much sooner in the film. It took us so long to get here, but the reward for sticking it out was not too shabby.

The Verdict:

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Antebellum is subpar horror film that has a great third act.

Jacob is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is a member of the Music City Film Critics’ Association and specializes in the awards season. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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