Why HBO Max Has Become My Favorite Streaming Service

Where HBO Meets So Much More.

It’s not TV, it’s HBO. We have heard this slogan throughout our lifetime & it still holds up to this day. HBO has built itself an essentially unmatched reputation. For years multiple companies have strived to pump out the excellent content that can rival HBO. Once in a blue moon, a studio will pump out a fantastic show that people will talk about for years on end but will struggle with making quality content years after that shows the final season has been put to rest.

Ever since HBO MAX launched on May 27th I have been knee-deep in content. This has been one of my most anticipated streaming services to release this year and despite its flaws, I am enjoying myself to the max (pun intended). All joke’s aside I am here to explain why HBO Max has become my new go-to streaming service.

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A streaming service is nothing without its legacy titles and the latest content it brings to the table. HBO has such a wide variety of shows, films, and documentaries yo can easily get lost in. Their library is enormous with everything from Lord Of The Rings to Anime it’s easy to see how one can get lost in their sea on content. Variety is important. There are plenty of services that have a wide range of content to select from and I believe HBO Max has been deemed top tier in that respect. 

I feel like I have watched so much but in reality, I have barely scratched the surface. As soon as the service went live I immediately started binging The Big Bang Theory. I am a sucker for sitcoms. That was one of the big sellers for me along with other titles such as Teen TitansFresh Prince Of Bel-AirChernobyl, The Boondocks & last but not least the well renowned Studio Ghibli films. This has to be the biggest seller for me. When I found out that all 21 films would be available to stream on HBO Max I almost lost it.

HBO Max continues to improve in multiple ways. One worth mentioning is that Warner Bros migrated the DC Universe streaming service to be absorbed into HBO Max for no extra cost. This was huge for HBO Max. Via an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Lee the DC chief creative officer and publisher states that titles such as Doom Patrol Season 2Harley Quinn, TitansSwamp ThingStargirl, and Young Justice will be apart of the HBO max Library. Consumers have been hoping for this sort of change and it looks like Warner Bros has heard their cries. But as much as I love their service they seem to let a few of their iconic titles slip through the cracks.

As many as you know the Harry Potter films were a surprise film series for those to enjoy on day one. Unfortunately, those they have been removed from the streaming service and according to Variety. you will be able to stream all 8 harry potter films on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock starting in October. For those who do not own the physical copies of the Harry Potter movies, it could pose a problem. There also a few DC films that will be removed by the end of this year such as Batman vs Superman: Dawn of JusticeWatchmen (Movie), and Wonder Woman just to name a few.

This doesn’t affect my experience with the service because I own most of these titles physically, to begin with. The one downside to streaming services is that you are at their mercy when it comes to situations like this. One would think that consumers would have permanent access to Warner Bros backlog of legacy titles on HBO Max, much like Netflix but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Another issue I would like to see HBO improve on is the availability of HBO Max on Roku & Amazon Fire devices. It blew my mind when I found out that users of these products would not be able to access one of the top tier streaming services out there. Both of these devices combined make up the majority of the media streaming market, so I hope HBO Max comes to these media platforms sooner rather than later. Even though HBO has a few issues to kink out. I think its a streaming service worth investing in.

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