Breaking the Bank for Success. Did the Chiefs make the right choice?

The Chiefs have proven to be the model franchise in 2020 ...

Money runs this world and I don’t think you can find a single person that says they don’t like getting paid. For NFL players this speaks even more as they get paid to put their bodies on the line for entertainment and the possibility to win it all. The Chiefs did well in winning it all this last season, beating the San Francisco 49ers in the super bowl. The big question going into the offseason was who was how much were they going to sign Patrick Mahomes for, and for how long. Not only that, but how were they gonna pay everyone vital for the team. Well, when it comes to the face of the offense and the face of the defense payday has come and is treating them kindly.

Mahomes is now apart of the largest Sports contract in history with a 10 year 503 million dollar deal which keeps him on the team till he’s 37. Many thought this broke the bank for the Chiefs but within the last few days, they also signed their star defensive lineman Chris Jones to a 4-year extension for 85 million dollars. Now having the cornerstones on both sides of the ball locked up for a while, and only a few more key pieces to sign, they need to find a way to push around some more money and sign them. This team is set up for success not only now but in the future. I’ve heard many say that they shouldn’t have given Patrick Mahomes that big of a deal but I believe they did the right move and he’s going to be worth every penny. We’ve seen what he can do in 2 years now this team has him for another 12 and he’s only 24 years old. I see a long successful road with these huge signings now behind them.

It’s much too early but I can easily see the Kansas City Chiefs on route to a repeat in the Super Bowl in this coming season. The question that lies ahead is will they be able to keep a solid group of core players around these core signings to keep this team successful for years to come, and if they can, we could be stepping out of one dynasty with the Patriots and into another with the Chiefs.

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