The Valero Verdict: 2020 Mid-Year Best Supporting Actor

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year as a collective whole. The year in film has been even more strange. The last movie I saw in theaters was Bloodshot, and while I didn’t hate that experience, I didn’t think that was going to be my last theater visit for TBD.

So today, I am going to continue my half-year Oscar nominations with the Best Supporting Actor category.

The Valero Verdict: Best Supporting Actor

5. Jim Carrey – Sonic the Hedgehog

Another standout is one that made a huge comeback through the role. I’m obviously talking about Jim Carrey, who’s on the big screen once again. In this adventure/fantasy flick, Carrey plays Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik is a crazy scientist that wants Sonic’s lightning-fast speeds for himself. Carrey’s portrayal in this role reminded me of his character in The Cable Guy. The oddity and the quirkiness of the characters was seemingly parallel. In short, Carrey was a fantastic villain.

4. Jonathan Majors – Da 5 Bloods

Majors = money for the second consecutive performance (The Last Black Man in San Francisco). He just wants to feel the love from his dad and his performance replicates those emotions.

3. Ben Mendelsohn – Babyteeth

Mendelsohn was REMARKABLE in this film. I am still emotional attached to his role in this film as the father.

There is one scene towards the end of this movie, and it’s Scanlen and Medleson on the beach, it is one of the most gut-wrenching scenes I’ve seen this year. The shot was gorgeous, the score was perfect, the dialogue was small but impactful. Just a beautiful piece of film-making.

2. Pete Davidson – Big Time Adolescence

This is Pete Davidson’s year, period.

1. Bill Burr – The King of Staten Island

Who knew this man had this incredible acting ability inside of him. When you first see Burr, you think: “oh man, this is going to be funny”! But instead, we get this tough as nails man that while at times can be funny but is very serious.

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