The Valero Verdict: 2020 Mid-Year Best Supporting Actresses

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year as a collective whole. The year in film has been even more strange. The last movie I saw in theaters was Bloodshot, and while I didn’t hate that experience, I didn’t think that was going to be my last theater visit for TBD.

So today, I am going to continue my half-year Oscar nominations with the Best Supporting Actress category.

The Valero Verdict: Best Supporting Actress

3. Allison Janney – Bad Education

The writing for Pam Gluckin and the casting of Allison Janney in the role was brilliant. She stole the show with her high and mighty performance. They did a wonderful job making her an easy villain.

2. Marisa Tomei – The King of Staten Island

Marisa Tomei is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Her range over her career has been remarkable. She is a national treasure and should be treated as such.

1. Catrinel MarlonThe Whistlers

The Whistlers is led by a remarkable performance from Marlon who, at times, felt like the heartbeat of the film. Her femme-fatale character’s development was truly some of the best I’ve seen this year.

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