TomBomb: Ronald Jones

What is a #TomBomb, you ask? Well, they are simply bits of wisdom derived from the inner-workings of Old Tom’s mind. I must warn you that as much as I aim to bring you perfection, even Old Tom can’t foresee into the future. Yet, I do give you my assurance that I expel all my efforts.

Ronald Jones is the running back to buy in Tampa, and Old Tom doesn’t think it’s that close. This young man is 22 years old and drafted 38th overall (5th RB taken in 2018). Maybe the most pivotal thing RoJo has working in his favor is the oh, so important ‘Veteran’ tag Bruce Arians and Tom Brady respect so much. Also, he’s coming off a 1,033 total yard season in what many would consider an under-utilized role.

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