Dynasty WR Rankings, Post-Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft has come and gone, and with it we’ve seen where the Class of 2022 will play and how that figures to impact rosters. As draft season is beginning, it’s the ideal time to look at some updated positional rankings. Mondays throughout May I’ll be offering my revised dynasty positional rankings, continuing... Continue Reading →

2022 NFL Draft, Day 1

The run up to the 2022 NFL Draft was wild so it figures that the First Round was one of the most action-packed nights we’ve seen. There were a total of nine trades, we saw two established receivers dealt to new teams, six receivers drafted in the First Round and only one quarterback. It was... Continue Reading →

Dynasty Rankings Pre-Draft: WRs

A shiny crop of new rookies will finally get their landing spots at the end of April. But until then, we’ve seen plenty of movement since the new League Year began in March. Now feels like a great time to look at where we stand in dynasty. I’ll be updating my positional rankings—QB, RB, WR,... Continue Reading →

2021 Wide Receiver Rankings

For the third week of The Happy Hour Podcast, we looked at receivers. In this week’s installment, I’m looking at my Top 60 receivers, basically through WR5. If you want to see my full rankings for pre-season and week-to-week, in addition to Ricky’s rankings, be sure to bookmark this link to our 2021 rankings sheet... Continue Reading →

Top Wide Receivers of All Time

It’s early July, so naturally we’re ever so close to the NFL Season but still so far away that news is sparse. To help fill the void, I decided to look at some all-time selections at six different positions—Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Defense and Coaching. Over the next six weeks, I’ll be... Continue Reading →

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