MCDI Trailer House: “Firestarter,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more…

Happy Weekend! There have been a few more high-profile/prominent releases and some exciting independent/low-budget projects and I was hoping to provide an easy stop for you to check in and get up-to date with a few notable movies that are coming soon: "Firestarter" is a new adaptation of a Stephen King novel featuring Zac Efron... Continue Reading →

Universal’s Classic Monster Collection 4K breakdown: What’s included, and is the set worth it?

Upon finding out that Universal would re-release the Classic Monster in 4K format, I was EXCITED!!!! I love these four films, and I was intrigued to see how these classics adapted to 4K. CLASSIC MONSTERFilms Included: (Comes in 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital Code) Dracula (90thAnniversary)Frankenstein (90thAnniversary)The Invisible ManThe Wolf Man (80thAnniversary) HOURS... Continue Reading →

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