American Underdog Review: The Inspirational Story we need

Directed by: The Erwin Brothers Screenplay by: Jon Erwin & David Aaron Cohen and Jon GunnCast: Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, and Dennis QuaidPlot: The story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner, who went from stocking shelves at a supermarket to becoming an American Football star. I grew up loving the National... Continue Reading →

DC Fandome: DCEU Trailers and BTS Yesterday, DC dropped several teases for their upcoming projects across multiple platforms that all seem to have a function in their expanding DCEU. Here you'll find a few behind the scenes videos and trailers/teasers to show you what to expect from the next couple of years of DC entertainment on the big and small... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell a Soul Review

Two thieving teenage brothers, stealing money to help their sick mom, match wits with a troubled security guard stuck at the bottom of a forgotten well. We open with Matt giving Joey gear to break into this house where ten thousand dollars is. As Joey gets the money, they are excited and stumble across some... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: Christmas Action Films

We’re inching ever closer to Christmas, can you feel it? Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at some of the many Christmas films. Week one it was holiday animated classics and last week it was romances. This week, it’s action films. There are a plethora of good options, but below are six that... Continue Reading →

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