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Monday Recap, Week 13

Week 13 of the NFL season is steaming ahead and seems a little less tenuous than Week 12. We got 12 games on Sunday, two more tonight and a final battle on Tuesday before Week 14 gets into a more normal rhythm. In this crucial week before most leagues head to the playoffs, doubtless there … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 13

Friday Five, Week 13

Well, the longest NFL week in my memory finally ended on Wednesday. We got no game on Thursday, but there are still 12 games on Sunday. And as we careen toward the playoffs, there are some big matchups. Below are five that I’m looking forward to this week. Sunday Early Games: New Orleans Saints (9-2) … Continue reading Friday Five, Week 13

Thanksgiving Preview, Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a holiday like no other. The gatherings are smaller. The mood might be a little less cheery. But we still have a full slate of NFL games, and that means plenty to occupy your day. Below is a preview both Thanksgiving Day games in addition to an update on our network … Continue reading Thanksgiving Preview, Week 12

Monday Recap, Week 11

Another eventful and surprising week in the NFL, with a number of upset wins, surprising performances and major injuries. All that could leave you seeking a Monday Night Miracle in a crucial Week 11 matchup. But more on that in a minute, first let’s consider some lessons learned from the rest of Week 11. Taysom … Continue reading Monday Recap, Week 11

Friday Five, Week 11

We’re almost at the end of bye weeks, which is reason to rejoice. After last week getting a huge slate of matchups in the late window, we’re back to a more normal distribution in Week 11 with seven games in the early window, four in the late window and 12 total coming on Sunday. Below … Continue reading Friday Five, Week 11