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Final Mock Draft

The 2021 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday night in Prime Time. We’ve had weeks and months of speculation, but tomorrow night we’ll finally see where these prospects land. But before we get there, the crew at the Drive In Podcast Network is here to offer up some final predictions. Below are Final Mock Drafts … Continue reading Final Mock Draft

Superflex Three-Round Rookie Mock Draft

Superflex Three-Round Rookie Mock Draft

We hosted our first Pre-Draft Rookie Mock of the season. It was a 3 round Superflex, and this will begin a series as we try to gather more ADP pre-draft. On the show Stoops and I were joined by from the Fantasy Fringe Podcast, Andrew and Alkhansa, Host of the Devy Deep Dive Podcast, Brandon … Continue reading Superflex Three-Round Rookie Mock Draft

Over/Under: Jacksonville Jaguars & Tennessee Titans

With the NFL season right around the corner (crossing fingers, toes, and nose), I am going to kick off a series where I breakdown each division in the NFL. Recap the key additions, subtractions from the offseason and tell you what you should bet on the Over/Under for each team. Today I am going to … Continue reading Over/Under: Jacksonville Jaguars & Tennessee Titans