“The Batman” ‘The Bat and The Cat’ Trailer

A surprisingly distinct new trailer for "The Batman" was released by Warner Brothers. We get more of a look at the characters relationships and some potential spoilers for comic enthusiasts, so if you're excited enough and hoping to go in blind, maybe don't watch the last few moments of the trailer? Nah watch it. It's... Continue Reading →


DC laid out an update for fans for many of their most anticipated productions, and with "The Batman," the many Batmen within "The Flash," and a few other exciting notes and projects, it seemed worth allowing exploring this pocket of the DCEU on its' own: The Batman- Trailer 2 To start, we get a wider... Continue Reading →

‘The Twilight Saga’ Ranked

The Twilight Saga came to an end in 2012, however, November will mark 10 years since the dramatic conclusion kicked off with Breaking Dawn - Part One. It’s probably a safe bet to say that the series will always hold a special place in our hearts - what an experience it was to live through... Continue Reading →

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