HALLOWEEN (Scream Factory) 4K Ranking

This year Shout Factory released Halloween 6, H20, and Resurrection on 4K in a "'95-'02" box set to complement a set of releases from last year, which gives fans of the series and of physical media the chance to revisit their favorite (best and worst) moments of the franchise, nearly in full. But is it... Continue Reading →

“HALLOWEEN ENDS” – This Film Not Rated

"HALLOWEEN ENDS" Not Rated (SPOILER TALK) Welcome back to This Film Not Rated where we try NOT to RATE a movie we watched! This week Eric took the last of David Gordon Green's "Halloween" entries through the gauntlet and we're really excited about this one. Curtis thinks it's underrated and shakes things up from the "Halloween" formula.... Continue Reading →

Matt’s Movie Review Roundup

The end of Halloween is here…hopefully. In addition, there were some films released that were really good. Below are my thoughts on the films I saw this week. If you’d like to see more of my scores for films and thoughts, feel free to follow me on Letterboxd here. Halloween Ends (Theaters/Peacock)Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis,... Continue Reading →

‘Halloween Ends’ Spoiler Review

Slasher films have always neared campy territory, whether it was intentional or not. With David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” forty years later trilogy coming to a close it’s unfortunate that this falls under the unintentionally campy category. As per many interviews, it is well-known that this was a trilogy of trauma, focusing not only on Laurie... Continue Reading →

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