MCDI Trailer House! (12-03-2021)

Welcome back to the end of the week! There's a creative spread this week I'm excited to share. Feel free to comment below and explore/tell us the projects that catch your attention! "Rumble" features a massive voice cast headed in part by Will Arnett. It seems like a fun, motivational, child friendly romp:  Directed... Continue Reading →

Seeking a place in the world

Finding a place to belong, an identity is important but it’s not always easy. That becomes even harder when you suffer a loss. The film Nomadland, which is nominated for several Golden Globe Awards and is now streaming on Hulu, tackles that subject as it looks at life for older Americans set adrift in a... Continue Reading →

The Whiskies Year Two Winners

For the second year, we have gathered critics from across the globe to announce our second annual 'The Whiskies' nominations. We have categories that range from 'The Whisky Award,' a movie you need to have a drink to get through, to the Best Film of the Year. We had our live show this past Sunday,... Continue Reading →

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