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Max Korman Interview

Max Korman is an up-and-coming filmmaker who recently had two music videos debut at the Dance with Films festival. I was impressed with the style and approach that he took with each of the videos.  https://youtu.be/GIHyrm2jj_8 First, in the video Batman, we see he blends the retro style, Batman, with a little bit of a modern flare. From … Continue reading Max Korman Interview

Batman Day: Top 5 Animated Batman Films

It's that time of year again, Batman day is here, and there's no better time to be a fan of the caped crusader, and this year has been packed with phenomenal releases such as Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 & 2, and Batman: The Audio Adventures.  It's safe to say that Batman is one of my favorite heroes … Continue reading Batman Day: Top 5 Animated Batman Films

Batman Day 2021! Gotham’s Future With Film

Do we want Gothic or Gritty? Do we want 'Batman Forever' or 'The Batman'? Looking back on Batman in the 82nd year since the creation of the property, in celebration of Batman Day, its hard to find an arena where it has failed to find success. First issue after branching from the "Detective Comics" title … Continue reading Batman Day 2021! Gotham’s Future With Film

Remaking Movies Ep.2: Batman (1989)

Remaking Movies Ep.2: Batman (1989)

Welcome to the second episode of Remaking Movies, where I take an older movie, give it a new director, writer, and cast. In today's episode, I tackle Tim Burton's 1989 take on the superhero genre, Batman. https://youtu.be/WfBIjNfD0bQ Do you have an old movie you want recasted? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter.