Match Game: Best Picture Nominees & 2021 Quarterback Draft Class

If you follow me, you know that I have a strong love for football and film. Every year as the Academy announces their Best Picture nominees, I go back and rewatch the movies and rank them. I always do the same with each draft class. I start early in the season, and as the season... Continue Reading →

2021 NFL Draft: Tight End Rankings

We last posted our rankings on the site in August and a TON has changed in the world of college football. Games have been canceled, defenses have been suspect, and players have made some moves. 2021 NFL Draft: Tight End Rankings RickyStoopsRankPlayer NameCollegeRankPlayer NameCollege1Kyle PittsFlorida1Kyle PittsFlorida2Brevin JordanMiami2Brevin JordanMiami3Jake FergusonWisconsin3Brant KuitheUtah4Brant KuitheUtah4Pat FreiermuthPenn St.5Charlie KolarIowa St.5Jake... Continue Reading →

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