Actor Simon Phillips talks ‘Fubar’, Arnold Schwarzenegger and playing the baddie

Ahead of the upcoming Netflix series Fubar, Music City Drive-In was joined by the dexterous and hilarious Simon Phillips, who boldly takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action-thriller.

Phillips is renowned for his work as a villain, including a mass murdering Santa Claus, and though we wouldn’t want to run into one of his characters on a dark street, Phillips himself couldn’t have been more pleasant.

We learned what exactly is so appealing about playing the baddie as well as how Phillips approaches his work after decades of experience both in front of and behind the camera.

The actor also appears to be collecting 80s action men like it’s a hobby for him, having starred opposite Bruce Willis and Jean-Claude Van Damme, as Schwarzenegger becomes the latest to join his collection.

The pair may be at odds in Fubar, which follows a retired CIA operative thrust back into the field once more, but off-camera, Phillips reveled in getting to work with another of his childhood heroes. And he let us in on who he has his eye on next.

Most importantly, Phillips revealed whether we will ever see that anticipated crossover between Once Upon a Time at Christmas and Jingle All the Way all in the name of good-natured banter. Until then, fans can see him go head-to-head with Schwarzenegger on May 25.


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