The School for Good and Evil review

The School for Good and Evil is based on the books and follows two best friends, Sophie, played by Sophia Anne Caruso, and Agatha, played by Sofia Wylie. Sophia and Agatha both get put in two magical schools that are next to each other. One school is for good kids and one for evil kids.... Continue Reading →

Rosaline Review

Rosaline is a comedic retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The film follows Rosaline, played by Kaitlyn Dever, who finds out Romeo has stopped seeing her to date her cousin Juliet. If you want to get the most out of this film and enjoy it, I suggest looking at a recap of Romeo and Juliet... Continue Reading →

Do Revenge Review

Do revenge is a dark comedy film directed, written, and produced by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The film is about a teen girl named Drea played by Camila Mendes who teams up with Eleanor played by Maya Hawke. They both decide to do each other’s revenge and get back at people who have ruined their lives.... Continue Reading →

Movie review roundup

Bullet train Bullet train is a 2022 fast-paced action comedy with some mystery elements. The story is about Ladybug, a peaceful assassin played by Brad Pitt. Ladybug doesn't want to kill anyone. He instead tries his best to knock people out or put them to sleep. Ladybug is hired to retrieve a suitcase that is... Continue Reading →

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