Scream 6 4DX review

4DX is an experience where you have moving seats and water sprays on you. This makes you feel what the characters are experiencing, From the rumble and vibrations for train movement, to being stabbed in the back and water sprays for blood. Scream 6 is also the first film to be in 3D in the franchise.

This film continues from Scream 5 with Tara, Sam, Chad and Mindy all moving to New York to start a new life for themselves, played by Jenna Ortega, Melisa Barrera, Mason Gooding and Jasmine Savoy Brown. They all live together and are joined by Ethan, Quinn and Anika, played by Jack champion, Liana Liberato and Devyn Nekoda. Sam is protective of her sister and won’t let Tara be alone for too long. Sam is trying to get help and talk about how she feels to a therapist, while Tara is ignoring what had happened, due to the previous Ghostface attacks. Sadly a new Ghostface appears and more killings begin with Sam being the target. Gale Weathers played by Courteney Cox also joins them to help stop Ghostface.

The sixth instalment has some great kills and was tense and suspenseful throughout. I enjoyed the more emotional side of the story, with the characters trying to just live normally and cope with everything that has happened. This led to some deep scenes. The cast are extremely talented and fantastic in this movie. I liked how the core 4 kids, are best friends and always stick together no matter what. The romantic element of the film, between Tara and Chad helped make this story stronger. You can tell they like each other but both are shy to take the next step. There was some comedy throughout the movie that helped make the film enjoyable. This time, Ghostface seemed to hurt people much more painfully. People may be pleased, this Scream movie has the least amount of good characters deaths, I was happy with this aspect of the film. Sam and Tara I thought were badass and epic during one of the final Ghostface kills.

I did think Scream 5 was better in some ways, it had more action chase scenes. I also was disappointed Sidney wasn’t in this movie. Despite People saying Scream 6 is much more gory, there was less blood compared to previous films. The attacks, are far more painful and looked like they hurt more. Ghostface this time round seemed to cause more pain to the victims. I did think characters could have tried to fight back a bit more throughout. The 4DX wasn’t that good in this film, sadly there wasn’t as much movement as Scream 5, and lots of the scenes had no movement at all. There were also meant to be smells, and smoke but it wasn’t working at the cinema. This was a letdown and was disappointed as they could have made the 4DX effects much better.

Overall Scream 6 is a really good slasher, with great characters, cast, and a great story. What helps this film strive was the emotional aspect of the film, the suspense and the limited amount of good characters deaths. I would recommend the 4DX, though Scream 5 was better in 4DX. I wish they used more movement throughout. Hopefully, for Scream 7 they will improve the 4DX. I would recommend this film, and make sure to stay for post credit scene. Scream 6 is out in 2D, 3D and 4DX


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