Perfect New Valentine’s Day Gift Goes Viral

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Well, our friends at Keepster might have found the perfect gift for your significant other.

KEEPSTER helps turn favorite iPhone text messages and photos into one-of-a-kind, printed or digital books. Not only is each book truly original and completely personal, it is also unique in the way that it preserves and celebrates digital conversations, essential to our closest relationships, as a tangible keepsake.

Whether filled with milestone moments, the first or hundredth ‘I U’, inside jokes or everyday little things, a Keepster book is guaranteed to be a winner as much as a surprise. In just a few easy steps, you choose whether to pick just the highlights, or include every moment and emoji in your romantic history, and how to customize your book. Whether a carefully curated slim volume or an 800-page tome, it’s an innovative solution to saving moments that we’re constantly sharing on our phones and our ‘modern-day love letters’ that otherwise might get forgotten or lost. Also, Keepster books are high quality, proudly sustainable, and most likely the one gift that will never be returned! 

Valentine’s Day is literally the reason why Keepster exists. It all started when Founder Jennifer Simchowitz had an idea for a special Valentine’s Day gift: a year’s worth of text messages as she and her partner were falling in love, turned into a printed book. That was just the start of the Keepster Story …

Customers rave about how thrilled they are that a service like Keepster finally exists, rating the books as ”Perfect”. “Awesome” and “The Best Gift Ever” for all sorts of occasions. Keepster books are praised in the media (including APOprah Daily, Women’s World). Available to interview to share Keepster’s remarkable story is Founder Jennifer Simchowitz. Please see her on-camera in the NEWS here: NBC ‘6 in the Mix’FOX 19 CincinnatiNBC 13 Alabama9&10 News Michigan.


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