October Coast Upcoming theatrical releases – February 2023

FEBRUARY 3, 2023

Starring Luke Hemsworth

Inspired by true events, Ocean Boy is stirring, provocative and peppered with Australian humor. It is a touching story that captures the light and shade of life, reflecting strength and vulnerability.

SCREENING | Select Theaters Nationally | On Demand

Starring Sala Baker, Gigi Guston

Black market marijuana dealer Vince is living the high life in Los Angeles, but everything changes when new laws pass making cannabis legal. With limited dispensary licenses available, Vince may be squeezed out of the business. He’s desperate to make one final score, but borrows money from the wrong people.

SCREENING | Select Theaters Nationally, including L.A, NYC, Chicago | On Demand Feb 7

FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Starring Rodrigo de Oliveira

At the turn of 1983 in a small Brazilian town, a group of LGBTQIA+ men and women celebrate the New Year with no idea of the approaching. The biologist Suzano knows something terrible is disrupting his body. Uncertain of his future and desperate at the lack of information, Suzano reaches out to transsexual artist Rose and videomaker Humberto, both equally ill. Together they’ll try to survive the first wave of the AIDS epidemic.

SCREENING | Select Theaters Nationally including L.A, NYC | On Demand Feb 21

Starring Josh Lavery, Ian Roberts

Casey, a country lad running from a small-town scandal, finds himself down and out in the big smoke of Sydney. When he meets Tib, a young city lad, struggling with his own scars of isolation, both men find something they have been missing but neither of them knows quite how to negotiate it.

SCREENING | Wide National Theatrical | On Demand Mar 7


An energetic exploration of male identity via the lives, personalities, and adventures of a diverse band of men, real men across the globe all sharing the same name – James Bond.

SCREENING | Wide National Theatrical | On Demand


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